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Cave beauty spot in Ho Citadel Travel Tips

Cave beauty spot in Ho Citadel

Rocky mountain range in buffer zone is considered as “Ha Long on land”, in which lime mountains create particularly interesting natural caves, caverns and with time these caves, caverns become original scenic spots related to history of Ho Dynasty. Ho Cong Cave is located on Xuan Dai Mountain, Vinh Ninh Commune, about 4.5 km from [...] Read more >>
Ancient Village In Ho Citadel Travel Tips

Ancient Village In Ho Citadel

In the buffer zone of heritage, up to this time, there are many ancient villages those have the synchronic or diachronic history in comparison with establishment and existence of Ho royal dynasty and Tay Do imperial city, at the end of the 14th century – the early of the 15th century. TayGiai Village Gate Tay [...] Read more >>
Around Ho Dynasty Citadel Travel Tips

Around Ho Dynasty Citadel

Ho Citadel was located in the four communes of Vinh Tien, Vinh Long, Vinh Thanh and Vinh Yen in Vinh Loc district. The citadel, which is the remaining relic of Dai Viet civilisation in the late 14th and early 15th century, was recognised by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage site on June 27. After [...] Read more >>
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