Ho Citadel Landscapes

Ma River Ho Citadel Landscapes

Ma River

The Ma River (Vietnamese: Sông Mã, Lao: Nam Ma) is a river in Asia, originating in northwestern Vietnam.It rises from Dien Bien Phu, flows through Laos, fall into Thanh Hoa territory at Muong Lat District, flows thorough Ba Thuoc, Cam Thuy

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Tran Khat Chan Temple Ho Citadel Landscapes

Tran Khat Chan Temple

Tran Khat Chan Temple about 2.5 km from Citadel of the Ho Dynasty in Southeast. The temple  belongs to territory of Cao Mat hamlet, Vinh Thanh commune. The temple was built on North Eastern side of Don Son mountain in 16th century, it worships

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Don Son Mountain Ho Citadel Landscapes

Don Son Mountain

Don Son (Đốn Sơn) mountain (also called Dun mountain) locate in Vinh Thanh commune, Vinh Loc district which is 2.5km from Citadel of the Ho Dynasty to the Southern East. The mountain has 2 tops with the height of 71m and 49m from sea level.

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