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Yen Ton Thuong house best sights

Yen Ton Thuong house

Yen Ton Thuong (Yên Tôn Thượng) communal house was located in Yen Ton Thuong village, Vinh Yen commune; it is about 2,5km from the Citadel of the Ho Dynasty. It is located under An Ton mountain foot,  Ma River is in front of it. This

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Tran Khat Chan Temple best sights

Tran Khat Chan Temple

Tran Khat Chan Temple about 2.5 km from Citadel of the Ho Dynasty in Southeast. The temple  belongs to territory of Cao Mat hamlet, Vinh Thanh commune. The temple was built on North Eastern side of Don Son mountain in 16th century, it worships

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Binh Khuong Temple best sights

Binh Khuong Temple

Binh Khuong Temple was classified as a historical - cultural heritage site at provincial level in 1995. Binh Khuong Temple belongs to territory of Dong Mon hamlet, Vinh Long commune; it is situated adjacent to eastern wall of internal citadel

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Don Son Mountain best sights

Don Son Mountain

Don Son (Đốn Sơn) mountain (also called Dun mountain) locate in Vinh Thanh commune, Vinh Loc district which is 2.5km from Citadel of the Ho Dynasty to the Southern East. The mountain has 2 tops with the height of 71m and 49m from sea level.

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Ho Cong Cave best sights

Ho Cong Cave

Ho Cong Cave is located on Xuan Dai Mountain, Vinh Ninh Commune, about 4.5 km from Citadel of the Ho Dynasty in Southwest. The legend has it that Ho Cong Cavern was a place of refining fairy medicine made by teacher Ho Cong and learner Dong Tu.

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