Old well found near Ho Citadel Destinations

Old well found near Ho Citadel

An old well found in Xuan Giai village, Vinh Tien commune, Vinh Loc district of central Thanh Hoa province, about 300m away from the inner part of the world’s cultural heritage, Ho Dynasty Citadel. The information was released on January 5 by the Centre for Ho Dynasty Citadel Heritage Conservation, which, however, said it needs [...] Read more >>
Ma River Destinations

Ma River

The Ma River (Vietnamese: Sông Mã, Lao: Nam Ma) is a river in Asia, originating in northwestern Vietnam.It rises from Dien Bien Phu, flows through Laos, fall into Thanh Hoa territory at Muong Lat District, flows thorough Ba Thuoc, Cam Thuy districts and to Vinh Loc District. The Ma River creates the Ma River Delta [...] Read more >>
Yen Ton Thuong house Destinations

Yen Ton Thuong house

Yen Ton Thuong (Yên Tôn Thượng) communal house was located in Yen Ton Thuong village, Vinh Yen commune; it is about 2,5km from the Citadel of the Ho Dynasty. It is located under An Ton mountain foot,  Ma River is in front of it. This communal house had a long history, its structure had big [...] Read more >>
Tam Tong Temple Destinations

Tam Tong Temple

Tam Tong Temple: belongs to territory of Xuan Giai village, Vinh Tien commune, about 400m from Citadel of the Ho Dynasty. After Don Son Swearing Festival (1399), Tran Khat Chan died, people mourned for him and set a temple to worship him. Three cantons: Binh But, Cao Mat, Ho Nam belongs to Vinh Loc former [...] Read more >>
Du Anh Pagoda Destinations

Du Anh Pagoda

Du Anh Pagoda (or  Thong pagoda) was built at foot of rocky ramp in the west of Xuan Dai Mountain, 4.5 km from Citadel of the Ho Dynasty in Southwest, belongs to territory of Vinh Ninh Commune. Legend has it that Princess Du Anh (Tran dynasty) went sightseeing, she realized mountain, river charming landscape so [...] Read more >>
Tran Khat Chan Temple Destinations

Tran Khat Chan Temple

Tran Khat Chan Temple about 2.5 km from Citadel of the Ho Dynasty in Southeast. The temple  belongs to territory of Cao Mat hamlet, Vinh Thanh commune. The temple was built on North Eastern side of Don Son mountain in 16th century, it worships Luong Saint – Senior lieutenant-general Tran Khat Chan, the general had [...] Read more >>
Binh Khuong Temple Destinations

Binh Khuong Temple

Binh Khuong Temple was classified as a historical – cultural heritage site at provincial level in 1995. Binh Khuong Temple belongs to territory of Dong Mon hamlet, Vinh Long commune; it is situated adjacent to eastern wall of internal citadel of Citadel of the Ho Dynasty. The temple is a place where worships Binh Khuong-wife [...] Read more >>
Linh Giang Pagoda Destinations

Linh Giang Pagoda

Linh Giang Pagoda is about 2km from Citadel of the Ho Dynasty in Southwest, belongs to Phu Linh Hamlet, Vinh Tien Commune. In 1995, the pagoda continued repair, conservation; it has area of 336.6m2 with 3 sanctuary spaces: Three Refuges, Mother’s Palace, Ancestor’s Worship Place. Time elapsed, the pagoda has changes, but architecture of Mother’s [...] Read more >>
Don Son Mountain Destinations

Don Son Mountain

Don Son (Đốn Sơn) mountain (also called Dun mountain) locate in Vinh Thanh commune, Vinh Loc district which is 2.5km from Citadel of the Ho Dynasty to the Southern East. The mountain has 2 tops with the height of 71m and 49m from sea level. The Eastern mountain side has Nam Giao alter and Co [...] Read more >>
Ho Cong Cave Destinations

Ho Cong Cave

Ho Cong Cave is located on Xuan Dai Mountain, Vinh Ninh Commune, about 4.5 km from Citadel of the Ho Dynasty in Southwest. The legend has it that Ho Cong Cavern was a place of refining fairy medicine made by teacher Ho Cong and learner Dong Tu. Natural scenery of mountain, river mixed each with [...] Read more >>
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