Ho Citadel will receive World Heritage status in June

An art programme entitled “Ho Dynasty Citadel – the Proud of Vietnam” will be held following the ceremony to honour the historical and cultural value of the citadel. A ceremony to receive the UNESCO certificate declaring the Ho Dynasty Citadel as a World Cultural Heritage site will be held in Thanh Hoa province on June 16.

Ho Citadel will receive World Heritage status in June

On the occasion, Thanh Hoa province will also host an International Conference for UNESCO National Committees in Asia-Pacific Countries on June 15-17.

The citadel was built under the reign of King Ho Quy Ly and became the capital of Vietnam from 1397 to 1407.

According to estimations, about 25,000cu.m of stone was used to build the walls of the citadel, and each stone had an average weight of 10-20 tonnes.

On account of its unique architectural and historical values, it was recognised as a World Culture Heritage by UNESCO on June 27, 2011.

Many activities will also be organized to celebrate the event, including a village market, a festival of Ly-Tran dynasty folk games, and a display of objects, photos and articles about the citadel and the Ho Dynasty to promote tourism in the region.

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