Ho dynasty citadel is officially becoming the World Heritage

The ceremony of receiving the certificate of Heritage of Ho dynasty citadel is officially done in 16 June evening in the area of Ho dynasty citadel (Vinh Loc district, Thanh Hoa province) with the rite is done in the national process.

Ho dynasty citadel is officially becoming the World Heritage

Accordingly, there are many crowded culture and art activities from 15-16 June and mainly in the area of Ho dynasty. There are many unique activities like Country side expo with 100 kiosks of presenting the souvenir and food, the artistic performance of Ho dynasty citadel – the pride of Vietnam, the folklore performance of Tran – Ho dynasties, presenting and broadcasting the items, pictures, and related magazines’ report about Ho dynasty, Ho dynasty citadel, etc.

The organization board also opens two tours to introduce to the guest including Ho – Lam Kinh dynasty citadel and Cam Luong surprise. Especially, the People committee of Thanh Hoa has organized the “Summit of UNESCO national committee ofSouth east Asia– Pacific country” in three days since 15 – 17 June in Thanh Hoa province.

Being the unique architecture of stone inVietnam, Ho dynasty citadel was built by Ho Quy Ly in 1397; the citadel was called Tay Do (or Tay Giai) to distinguish between Dong Do (Thang Long –Hanoi). Ho Quy Ly moved the imperial city from Thang Long to Tay Do.

The land is chosen for the area between Ma River and Buoi River, with Tho Tuong Mountain in the North, Nguu Ngoa Mountainin the West,HacKhuyenMountainin the East. There are three parts in the citadel including La Thanh, Hao Thanh, and Hoang Thanh. La Thanh is the out round with the circumference of 4km. The moat is made to cover four rounds of the citadel and about 50m to the base of the citadel. This monument was built to protect the inner imperial city.

Ho dynasty citadel is listed to be the World Culture Heritage in 27 June 2011 in the 35th meeting inParis. After nearly one year of being acknowledged, the authorities of Thanh Hoa province has preserved and develop the value to prepare for the process of receiving the certificate of heritage.

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