Ho – Ming War (1406 – 1407)

This war began in 1406 when Emperor Yongle (Minh Thành Tổ) sent Kwang Tung (Hoàng Trung) with an army of 500,000 to lead the invasion.

Ho - Ming War (1406 - 1407)Ming’s matchlocks

In 1407, the fall of Da Bang fortress, and the defeats of the Hồ at Moc Pham Giang and Ham Tu all precipitated the fall of the Hồ dynasty. At the Ham Tu battle, the Hồ family tried to escape the enemy but was caught by the Ming and sent to exile in China. From 1407 till 1417, the Ming ruled Nanyue more ruthlessly than ever before. It is said the Ming sent valuable treasures such as gems, jade, and golden artworks, as well as many valuable books, back to Beijing. Among these were the National History Books of Vietnam which told of Vietnam’s past up to the Trần Dynasty. The cruelty and exploitation of the Ming fueled the awakening of the Việt Rebellion Lê Lợi .The Revolt (1418-1427) led by Lê Lợi.

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